Equilibrium Research
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第三編 小児のめまい平衡障害症例
柳田 三洋子
ジャーナル フリー

1986 年 45 巻 4 号 p. 345-357


A study was made of the children complaining of vertigo, dizziness and equilibrium disturbances who were examined at the department of otolaryngology of Gifu University from January, 1977 to April, 1985.
1. Of the 4584 patients who visited our clinic with complaints of vertigo, dizziness and equilibrium disturbance 121 (2.6%) were children under 15 years of age. Equilibrium and neurological status were evaluated in these patients.
2. Of the 121 patients, 25 (20.7%) had labyrinthine disturbances, 22 (18.2%) central nervous system disturbances, 3 (2.5%) visual disorders, 2 (1.6%) nasal vertigo, and 57 (47.1%) vertigo or dizziness due to systemic diseases. In 12 patients (9.9%) the vertigo and dizziness were of unknown etiology.
3. Among the 25 patients with labyrinthine disturbances, 7 were diagnosed as having circulatory insufficiency of the labyrinth, 3 had vertigo with sudden deafness and 3 delayed hydrops.
4. Among the 22 patients with central nervous system disturbances, 7 had epilepsy, 4 had post-traumatic disorders, 3 had brain tumors, and 2 had cerebellitis.
5. Fifty-six of the 57 patients with vertigo and dizziness due to systemic disorders had orthostatic dysregulation.
6 . Relatively uncommon cases were one patient with hyperostosis of the temporal bone and one with vertigo and congenital nystagmus, in whom multiple systemic disorders were suspected.

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