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松永 達雄小川 茂雄小川 郁高橋 正紘神崎 仁
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1991 年 50 巻 2 号 p. 215-220


A 30-year-old male complained of vertigo for 2 weeks after taking minocyclin. He then developed left hemifacial palsy, disturbance of left eye abduction, bilateral MLF symptoms, convergence palsy, skew deviation, loss of taste, right hypoglossal nerve palsy, disturbance of micturition., and upward gaze palsy. He was hospitalized, and his symptoms per sisted for 2 weeks. Vertigo became worse, but audiometric and caloric responses were normal bilaterally.
MRI with T2-weighted images showed a high intensity area in the cerebral white matter, but blood, urine, CSF, and enhanced CT examinations were normal except for slight elevation of CSF protein.
With high-dosage predonisolone, the patient improved gradually and left the hospital 3 months later. The patient has been free of recurrence for about 2 years.
Although it was not clear whether the demyelinating disease was MS or ADEM, MS was suggested by the symptoms and laboratory data.

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