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橋本 龍樹石本 文則田中 修
ジャーナル フリー

1992 年 51 巻 Suppl-8 号 p. 100-103


The temporal bones of seven aged cadavers were examined. Five had had some kind of "vertigo" and two were controls with no history of "vertigo". They had lived in some old pepole's homes. Distention of Reissner's membrane in the basal turn was present in two out of eight cochleae in the "vertigo" cases. Pigmentation granules were more numerous in the area vascularis and the spiralganglion of those two cases than in the controls. The temporal bones of thirty-one old cadavers were examined morphologically during the last six years. Distention of Reissner's membrane was present in twenty-nine out of thirty-seven cochleae of those with "vertigo" and in six out of twelve coch-leae in the control group. The degree of hydro-ps in the cochleae of those with "vertigo" was greater than in the control group. We continue to examine human temporal bones histologi-cally.

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