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めまい外来における起立性調節障害症例のSchellong testと性格検査の検討
野沢 出今村 俊一藤森 功中山 久代橋本 かおり久松 建一村上 嘉彦
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1995 年 54 巻 5 号 p. 444-449


We examined dizzy patients with orthostatic dysregulation (OD) using the Schellong test, the Cornell Medical Index-Health Questionnaire (CMI) and the Yatabe-Guilford Personality test (Y-G test). Subjects were 134 patients (37 females and 97 females) who were confirmed to have OD based on a questionnaire survey conducted from December 1990 to November 1994.
Systolic and diastolic pressures in the supine position in female patients with OD were lower than those in normal subjects. This tendency became more evident with advancing age.
Of 17 males with OD, seven (41.2%) were types III or IV on the CMI, and seven (41.2%) were types B or E in the Y-G test which suggested mental and/or emotional "instability". Of 52 females with OD, 26 (50.0%) showed types III or IV on the CMI, and 19 (42.2%) were types B or E on the Y-G test. These results suggest that autonomic imbalance suspected on both the OD questionnaire results and the Schellong test is probably related to the occurrence of vertigo and/or dizziness, and that there is some correlation between OD and emotional and/or psychosomatic instability.

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