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辻 純村井 紀彦内藤 泰伊藤 壽一
ジャーナル フリー

2002 年 61 巻 4 号 p. 206-209


Vestibular compensation is attributed to functional and structural reorganization of neural networks in the central vestibular system, but its precise mechanism is still not clear. Immediate early gene c-Fos is used as a marker of neuronal activation, because of its very limited expression in the normal state and quick appearance after stimulation. Previous reports, investigating c-Fos expression after unilateral labyrinthectomy were made in rats and guinea pigs, but not in the mouse brainstem. For future application to the gene knockout mouse, we examined c-Fos expression in the mouse after unilateral labyrinthectomy. Twenty-four hours after surgery, a highest number of c-Fos positive cells were observed in the bilateral medial vestibular nucleus (MVe), spinal vestibular nucleus (SpVe) and in the contra lateral prepositus hypoglossal nucleus (PrH). In the inferior olive nucleus (IO), c-Fos positive cells were significantly higher in the intact side.

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