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A Study of One Year's Development of Children Who have Experienced Abnormality at the Time of Pregnancy or Perinatal Period (1 st Report)
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1966 Volume 32 Issue 4 Pages 147-166


The present writer made a follow-up study as to whether abnormal pregnancy and abnormal delivery will have any influence on babies' physical and mental development thereafter. During the period of 6 months, from November 1962 to April 1963, 1439 children were born at M. Hospital. Out of the above children, 48 cases (3.5%) were selected for the study, since they were judged to be abnormal either on the side of mothers or on th side of newborn children. Here as the first report the writer will report on the relationship of abnormality between mothers and newborn children. 1) Abortus immines has been considered to have much influence on the born children . But no significant difference was found in the relationship between perinatal abnormality and children's abnormality. Above all, abortus immines had nothing to do withh asphyxia. 2) Contrary to the previous literature, there was no relationship between toxemia of pregnacy and immature children. 3) 70% of the mothers who gave birth to the immature children showed the sign of toxemia of pregnancy, including two cases showing the sign of oedema alone. But no case with all the signs of Trias was found. 4) There was no significant relationship between toxemia of pregnancy and icterus or asphyxia. 5) The average of physiological decrease rates of weights was likely to be higher in children who were born from normal mothers than in those from mothers who experienced toxemia of pregnancy. But the difference was not significant . 6) Premature rupture has been believed to be a cause for the asphyxia of newborn children. According to the present investigation, however, out of 16 cases of premature rupture, only one case caused asphyxia. Therefore, no result was obtained positively to affirm the traditional belief. 7) There was no significant difference about the relationship between Caesarean birth and children's weight. But on the average, children born through Caesarean operation were heavier in weight. Some people think children who were born through Caesarian section will require more days for the recovery of decreased weights than normally born children. But the present research could not confirm it. In the present investigation conspicuous relationship was not observed between the abnormality at the period of pregnancy and the conditions during the period of the newborn, although no decisive conclusion was drawn because of the small number of the cases.

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