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Research on the essential points of day- and nightshift workers' social-attitude
—Tentative behaviouristic analysis plan—
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1982 Volume 48 Issue 1 Pages 2-28


This research was undertaken for the purpose of the introduction of a tentative behaviouristic analysis plan for measuring social attitudes of the day- and night- shift workers. The emotional and volitional behaviours were understood to be potential functions of recognized behaviour and memorized behaviour communicated through external surroundings, as regards the general idea of the research, and a dependent variable of those psychological dimensions was selected and found in ?gLife tempo, ?h ?gTime language, " "Life consciousness, " and "(time) sustaining valuation, " according to the order of the above-mentioned behaviours. As a result, the substance of the respective measurements made has been taken to be as follows. 1) "Life consciousness" consists of a total of 120 elements of 20 items of detail of 4 headings concerning property system-social system-cultural system-environmental limits. 2) "Life tempo?h consists of a total of 120 elements of 20 items of detail of 4 headings concerning perceptual motility-intelligence-emotionality-social cooperation. 3) "Time language" consists of a total 2 8 elements of 17 items of detail of 4 headings concerning time expectation-decision of ranking-decision on corresponding eventsdemand of behaviour. 4) "(time) sustaining valuation" consists of a total of 3 2 elements of 16 items detail of 4 hadings concerning efficiency of stimulus number-systematic efficiency-ranking efficiency-recording efficiency. 1), 2), and 3) above were researched by questionnaire, 4) by experiment.

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