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The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology
Vol. 25 (2015) No. 4 p. 325-333



Reviews—Precise Physical Property Measurements under Multi-Extreme Conditions—

We have developed a Bridgman-type pressure cell for pulsed high magnetic field up to 58 T and low temperature down to 1.5 K. We have tested the difference in increase of temperature in the sample space due to the eddy-current heating between a metallic gasket and plastic one. From the starting of the pulse to 58 T of the maximum pulse, the increase of the temperature of the sample space at base temperature 1.5 K was reduced from about 6-7 K with the metallic gasket to 1-2 K with the plastic one. Improving the design of the pressure cell with large windows around a pair of anvils, the increase of the temperature at 1.5 K was reduced to 0.1-0.2 K. Combination of a zirconia-anvil with thin channels for wires of electrode and pyrophyllite gasket is effective to get high pressure and to reduce the noise-level of the electrical resistivity measurement in the pulsed magnetic field. We have observed clear metamagnetic transition below and above the critical pressure Pc=1 GPa in an heavy fermion antiferromagnet CeRh2Si2.

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