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Afghanistan Revolution and Land Reform Act
Mitsue Kobayashi
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1982 Volume 1982 Issue 34 Pages 117-121,282


Afghanistan Revolution broke out April 1978. Its political power exchanged from Taraki to Amin, from Amin to Karumal in a short term. The Soviet Union intervenced to Afghanistan by military affairs December 1979. Afghanistan Revolution has lacked general public basis in its progress.
"Basis Lines of Revolutionary Duties of Goverment of Democratic Republic of Afghanistan" by Taraki, chairman of the Revolutionary Council at first mentions land reform about the fundermental social and economic change. The proclamation No. 8th Revolutionary Council December 2, 1978, gives land reform. I name it "Land Reform Act". It has people's democratic character, but its enforcement isn't always smooth. I think this fact is caused that Afghanistan Revolution has lacked general public basis.

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