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Vol. 47 (2009) No. 1 P 36-41




The sinuses of Valsalva are known to contribute to the normal function. Therefore, the Valsalva graft is being widely used in the aortic root replacement. On the other hand, the artificial valve is developed by the regenerative medical techniques in some research groups. These devices are artificial internal organs. It is desirable for the device to equip long-term durability. In this study, we computed the stress and the displacement in the sinus and the valvular leaflet by commercial software, which is composed by finite element method, in order to clear the between shape parameters and durability. As a result, deformations of the sinuses and leaflets are very small against the pressure loading on a model with sinus of Valsalva. And the rupture part of our developing artificial valve overlapped with very high stress region of the computational model. However, we could minimize the stress by fixing the leaflet shapes.

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