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Pol B, a Family B DNA Polymerase, in Thermococcus kodakarensis is Important for DNA Repair, but not DNA Replication
Takashi KushidaIssay NarumiSonoko IshinoYoshizumi IshinoShinsuke FujiwaraTadayuki ImanakaHiroki Higashibata
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2019 年 34 巻 3 号 p. 316-326


Thermococcus kodakarensis possesses two DNA polymerases, Pol B and Pol D. We generated a T. kodakarensis strain (DPB1) in which polB was completely deleted and a derivative of DPB1 in which polB was overexpressed; neither of the generated strains exhibited any growth delay, indicating that the lack or overexpression of Pol B in T. kodakarensis did not affect cell growth. We also found that DPB1 showed higher sensitivity to four DNA-damaging agents (ultraviolet C irradiation, γ-ray irradiation, methyl methanesulfonate, and mitomycin C) than the parental strain. The sensitivity of DPB1 was restored to the level of the parent strain by the introduction of a plasmid harboring polB, suggesting that the DNA damage-sensitive phenotype of DPB1 was due to the loss of polB. Collectively, these results indicate that Pol B is involved in DNA repair, but not DNA replication, which, in turn, implies that Pol D is the sole replicative DNA polymerase in Thermococcus species.

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