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TEMPURA: Database of Growth TEMPeratures of Usual and RAre Prokaryotes
Yu SatoKenji OkanoHiroyuki KimuraKohsuke Honda
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2020 年 35 巻 3 号 論文ID: ME20074


Growth temperature is one of the most representative biological parameters for characterizing living organisms. Prokaryotes have been isolated from various temperature environments and show wide diversity in their growth temperatures. We herein constructed a database of growth TEMPeratures of Usual and RAre prokaryotes (TEMPURA, http://togodb.org/db/tempura), which contains the minimum, optimum, and maximum growth temperatures of 8,639 prokaryotic strains. Growth temperature information is linked with taxonomy IDs, phylogenies, and genomic information. TEMPURA provides useful information to researchers working on biotechnological applications of extremophiles and their biomolecules as well as those performing fundamental studies on the physiological diversity of prokaryotes.

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