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JSME International Journal Series A Solid Mechanics and Material Engineering
Vol. 46 (2003) No. 1 P 51-59




Within the framework of a phenomenological approach a set of multi-axial creep damage constitutive equations for 0.5Cr0.5Mo0.25V ferritic steel at 590°C is developed in which a new formulation is employed. The deficiency of the previous formulation and the need for improvement became apparent after a critical review of the development of creep damage constitutive equations for 316 stainless steel(1). The need for improvement was further underpinned by a call for modification of the constitutive equations(36). Recently, a specific formulation was proposed and validated(2)-(4). This paper reports the latest developments of the multi-axial creep constitutive equations for 0.5Cr0.5Mo0.25V ferritic steel at 590°C including: 1) the fundamental requirement; 2) formulation; 3) validation; and 4) conclusion. It systematically shows the suitability of this new set of constitutive equations and the incapability of the previous ones. Furthermore, it contributes knowledge to the methodology.

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