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JSME International Journal Series C Mechanical Systems, Machine Elements and Manufacturing
Vol. 46 (2003) No. 3 Special Issue on Advances in Motion and Vibration Control Technology P 973-981




In this paper, a dynamic impact control is proposed. To deal with an impact phenomenon and to establish the control method, a pendulum-like impact shot system is devised. In this system, a slider strikes a ball suspended by a wire, and the energy of the ball is controlled via impact force from the slider. In order to transmit the energy adequately, it is necessary for a slider to reach the target position with specified velocity just at the moment of collision. The reference trajectory for a slider is generated and adjusted in real time, and the proposed variable structure (VS) servo control enables chattering-free precise tracking to the reference trajectory. Additionally, by combining an adaptive VS-differentiator, the performance of the VS-servo control is enhanced. The effectiveness of the proposed impact control, the VS-servo control and the adaptive VS-differentiator is verified by simulation and experiment.

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