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Online ISSN : 2424-3116
Effect of sound separation using pulse-compression on accuracy of localization with acoustic beacons
Satoki OgisoTakuji KawagishiKoichi MizutaniKeiichi ZempoNaoto Wakatsuki
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p. 292-293


In this paper, we propose a self-localization method with sound source separation using pulse-compression for mobile robot. The proposed localization method utilizes the known sound sources as landmarks, which are detected by the microphone array. Pulse-compression was executed to enhance beacon sound and separate the direction-of-arrival (DOA) of each sound source. The proposed method was evaluated by computer simulation. In the simulation, the localization error of the proposed method was 51% smaller than the method which separates sound using band pass filter. From the result, the proposed method indicates the robustness under the disturbances. This result contributes to the use of this method in the realistic, noisy environment.

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