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Development of Advanced Healthcare Equipment Using HMI/BMI and IoT/VR/AI Technologies
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Japan is aging at a speed unprecedented among the major developed countries and is transforming into a super-aged society. There is an urgent need to respond to this situation, and the demand for a safer, securer and better lifestyle has also increased. Sensing functions are being equipped to main home appliances, also by connecting them to the networks through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we can monitor not only the living environment, but also the health condition of people. By connecting these devices with a wearable, noninvasive, and low-cost measurable medical devices along with analyzing biometric information data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it is possible to provide telemedicine such as health condition management, disease prediction, and a better support for healthcare. In this paper, we discuss technologies such as IoT, AI, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR), noninvasive biometric information measurement technology, and HMI/BMI for a human-friendly system design for telemedicine and healthcare support. We also introduce the development of advanced healthcare products using these technologies.

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