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The effects of stress during the mirror drawing test on electrogastrograms of subjects who underwent gastrointestinal surgery involving either total gastrectomy, distal gastrectomy, or total esophagectomy with colonic replacement
Shinji Homma
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2018 Volume 54 Pages 43-50


Electrogastrograms (EGGs) were recorded from 16 locations on the thoraco-abdominal surface to find the maximum absolute power foci during rest (RAP) and the maximum ratio of the % content during the mirror drawing test (MDT) compared to that during rest (%C-MDT/R) for both the 3 cpm (2.4–4.9) and 6 cpm (5.0–7.4) groups. The maximum foci were obtained from control subjects and those who received gastro-intestinal surgery via total gastrectomy (TG), distal gastrectomy (DG), and total esophagectomy with colonic replacement (CR). The control mean of the infraumbilical channels 10–16 (I) expressed as %C-MDT/R of the 3 cpm group was higher than the mean of the supraumbilical channels 1–9 (S) (I>S, P<0.001). The maximum focus of the 3-cpm %C-MDT/R was in the left umbilical area, while that of the 6-cpm %C-MDT/R was found bilaterally in the right epigastric and left umbilical areas, interposed by the lower %C-MDT/R gastric area. Therefore, the presence of gastric EGG inhibition and colonic facilitation are suggested to occur during MDT. In TG and DG, the foci of the %C-MDT/R in the 3-cpm group were located bilaterally in the right epigastric and left umbilical areas. The shifts of foci suggest colonic EGG facilitation. The mean S of the 3-cpm group was significantly higher than the mean I with CR (S>I, P<0.05). The maximum foci of the 3- and 6-cpm groups were in the epigastrium. These results suggest colonic EGG facilitation in the epigastrium, as the stomach has been removed and the original gastric location is instead occupied by the transverse colon in CR.

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