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X-Ray Stress Measurement of Cold-Rolled Steels Using CrKα and MoKα Characteristic Radiation
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1991 Volume 40 Issue 454 Pages 790-796


In the case of X-ray stress measurement of textured materials, the lattice strain distribution usually shows a nonlinear relation against sin2ψ because of the elastic anisotropy of crystals. In the present study, CrKα and MoKα characteristics X-rays were used for the investigation of cold-rolled low carbon steels. The non-linearity of sin2ψ diagram which is observed on the 211 diffraction was examined after plastic elongation as well as under elastic loading.
The non-linearity of d-sin2ψ diagram for 211 diffraction by CrKα radiation was intensified with increasing elastic loading. Furthermore, the non-linearity was found to be more remarkably than that expected from the elastic anisotropy when the specimen was once suffered plastic elongation. On the other hand, it was found that the lattice strain distribution obtaind from the 732+651 diffraction by MoKα radiation showed good linearity in the sin2ψ diagram because of deep penetration depth of MoKα radiation and a high multiplicity factor of highly indexed diffraction plane. It was also found that the X-ray elastic constants for 732+651 diffraction clearly depended on the rolled ratio and sample orientation to the rolled direction of the specimen.

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