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Performance Deterioration of Vinylester Resin Lining Material Caused by Environmental Solution
Hidekazu UESHIMATakayuki IGUCHI
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1994 Volume 43 Issue 495 Pages 1553-1558


Deterioration of corrosion resistance surface is attributed to the penetration of solution in environment. Therefore, the investigation on its penetration behavior is an important factor in studying lining deterioration. In this paper, the performance of organic lining made of vinyl ester resin was discussed based on the results of the following three determinations: (I) Moisture contents in the substrate and organic lining (interfacial area) by using a moisture sensor. (II) Weight increase and hardness change of the resin itself after immersion in the environmental solutions. (III) Residual adhesive strength of the lining in contact with the environments.
The main results are summarized as follows:
(1) For the environmental solutions with low osmotic pressure, the penetration of moisture into the interfacial area was relatively fast. On the other hand, for those with high osmotic pressure, the penetration was slow and the amount of moisture in the lining was likely to saturate in a shorter time.
(2) At the initial stage, the penetration of solutions in resin was influenced by osmotic pressure strongly and the weight increase is less for those with high osmotic pressure. However, chemical substances such as HNO3, NaOH and KOH caused more weight increase in a prolonged immersion.
(3) During the initial stage, the decrease of adhesive strength is caused by penetration of moisture. After that, the chemical property of the environmental solutions governs the adhesive strength and the effect depends on their constituent and concentration.
(4) Though the changes in weight and hardness of the resin itself are relatively small, a drastic adhesion failure may take place and the lining resin may not serve its purpose. So, it is necessary to take the above-mentioned results into consideration.

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