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Plasma Current Start-up, Ramp-up, and Achievement of Advanced Tokamak Plasmas without the Use of Ohmic Heating Solenoid in JT-60U
Yuichi TAKASETakeshi FUKUDAXiang GAOMikhail GRYAZNEVICHShunsuke IDESatoshi ITOHYutaka KAMADATakashi MAEKAWAOsamu MITARAIYukitoshi MIURAYoshiteru SAKAMOTOSyun'ichi SHIRAIWATakahiro SUZUKIShigetoshi TANAKATomokazu TANIGUCHIKenkichi USHIGUSAJT-60 Team
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2002 Volume 78 Issue 8 Pages 719-721


Formation of a high performance plasma with βp = 3.6, βN = 1.6, HH98y2 = 1.6 without the use of the Ohmic heating solenoid was demonstrated for the first time. Plasma start-up and plasma current ramp-up were accomplished by vertical field and shaping coils, combined with heating and current drive by EC, LH and NBI. The q profile is deeply reversed with qmin = 5.6 at r/a = 0.7, and the bootstrap current fraction was at least 90%. This result opens up the possibility of eliminating the Ohmic heating solenoid, which has a great impact on improving tokamak and ST reactor designs.

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