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Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
Vol. 61 (2012) No. 5 p. 495-502




The purpose of the present study was to observe the parameter which contributed to the improvement in a physical function to resistance training for local living elderly people. Randomly-selected 24 local elderly people of 69.4±3.8 years of age went through a three month exercise program of Comprehensive Geriatric Training, which is one of the resistance training programs focused on care prevention. During intervention, physical function, blood composition and dietary survey were researched simultaneously. Any dietary changes were not observed among the 24 seniors after three months of training. Compared to the control group, however, their maximum walking speed increased, which is strongly correlating to their increase in BMI and body weight. Their sit and reach performance increased as well, which is negatively correlating to their serum triglyceride increase. Their blood albumin did not change before and after the training period. In conclusion, measuring BMI, body weight and serum triglyceride during the resistance training period may lead to positive results of the main outcomes in local living elderly men and women.

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