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Vol. 44 (2005) No. 6 P 48-57



The early detection of land cover change can play a significant role in early warning and solution of various environmental problems. Frequent monitoring is required to realize the providing of stable warning information. Advantage of the SAR image (i.e. weather free observation) is utilized by accumulating these stably observed time-series images in the developing method. The method consists of the following functions, (1) extraction of the temporal-profile of every pixel, (2) extraction of the time-series change pattern using time-series analysis, (3) prediction of the future DN value from systematic part, (4) change determination by comparison between the predicted value and the observed value, and (5) extraction of the spatial extent of the land cover changes. The method was examined on the JERS-1/SAR images (1992.9-1998.9) in the test area. As a result, the method succeeded in providing clear image to support the interpretation of land cover, and in achieving the early detection of the land cover changes.

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