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Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design
Vol. 63 (2016) No. 1 p. 1_31-1_40



This paper examines and analyzes the streets and areas of the shopping district around the Ruins of St. Paul in Macau. It concludes by performing image design simulation for the commercial signage of the shopping district. Students majoring in the study of art design undertook the simulation that follows the examination of the shopping district. These students selected and analyzed decorative patterns within the Ruins of St. Paul before transforming them into two-dimensional images. In the process of designing signage they drew image associations in assimilating the characteristics of patterns and their symbolic meanings with brand names and stores to propose image designs which were both individually unique and based on the same styles. This course of research not only fosters student's ability to proactively choose subjects and design expressions in order to establish and discover the previously ignored features of patterns in the environment, but also construct one kind of visual image for the city and attempt to transform the shopping district's previous modes of image design.

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