Hyomen Kagaku
Online ISSN : 1881-4743
Print ISSN : 0388-5321
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Special Issue: Water and Surface Science —Manipulating Water Molecules—
Controlling Dissociation Reaction of a Water Molecule on Ultrathin MgO Film
Jaehoon JUNGHyung-Joon SHINMaki KAWAIYousoo KIM
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2014 Volume 35 Issue 9 Pages 486-491


We have recently intensively studied the dissociation of individual water molecules on ultrathin MgO film grown on Ag(100) substrate at the single-molecule level, by means of both scanning tunneling microscopy experiment and density functional theory calculations. We have found clear evidence for that the chemical reactivity of ultrathin MgO film can be controlled by the film thickness, in which the interfacial interaction between oxide and metal substrate plays an important role in determining chemical reactivity. In this short review, we briefly discuss the role of the ultrathin insulating film in water dissociation induced by vibrationally excited state using inelastic tunneling electrons, which is crucial to selectively achieve two kinds of dissociation path, as well as underlying thickness dependence of chemical reactivity.

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