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恒遠 純輝石川 智治矢中 睦美柳田 佳子佐々木 和也阿山 みよし
ジャーナル フリー

2018 年 64 巻 5 号 p. 117-126


The purpose of this research is to clarify how cloth attributes, knowledge on clothing, sensory modality influence the sensibility evaluation of fabric respectively. We prepared 20 each group of subjects with different clothing knowledge, and conducted a sensitivity evaluation experiment with two kinds of touching methods (tactile and visual tactile) for 39 kinds of fabrics with different materials and weave structures. Factor analysis was conducted to clarify what kind of factor the subject evaluates the fabric, and multiple regression analysis was carried out to clarify what kind of mechanical properties are used as criteria for judgment. In the multiple regression analysis, each factor score was set as a target variable, and the mechanical characteristic was used as an explanatory variable. As a result, three factors of moist preference factor, thermal sensation factor, flexible factor were extracted. It was found that the moist preference factor mainly makes the cloth evaluation criteria for tensile properties, bending properties, surface properties, compression properties and cloth thickness for thermal sensation factor, and shear and bending properties for flexible factor.

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