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Evaluation of some local cultivars of carrot in terms of the suitability as materials for "Yakuzen" dishes
Satoru TsukagoshiAsami TakanoMasaaki HohjoFumio IkegamiToshihiko HagiwaraChigusa NakaoKosuke YamadaTakayuki HanamuraSanae TakenagaHitoshi Aoki
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2011 Volume 28 Issue 3 Pages 106-114


Suitability of carrot (Daucus carota L.) cultivars for "Yakuzen", which is a form of medicinal cooking based on theories of Oriental medicine, was evaluated by sensory test and amounts of functional constituents related to the taste and functionality. F1 cultivars and fourteen local cultivars which belonged to seven local varietal groups were used. As a result of sensory test, three local cultivars ('Hakata-Tokinashi-5-sun'; 'HT5', 'Kokubun-Senko-Onaga'; 'KSeO' and 'Sapporo-Futo'; 'SaF') were considered to have proper characteristics for "Yakuzen" because of their strong taste. And one of the F1 cultivars ('Chihama-5-sun'; 'C5') was also considered to be suitable, object cultivar 'Kouyou-2-gou' ('K2') and these four cultivars were evaluated in detail. Generally, selected four cultivars showed higher sourness, less sugar, higher ash and carotenoid content, and higher anti-oxidant activity than those of 'K2'. Amino acid contents of 'KSeO' and 'SaF' were ten and six times higher than those of 'K2', respectively. On one hand, 'K2' and 'C5' could characterize to be sweet but less functional. On the other hand, 'HT5', 'KSeO' and 'SaF' had complex taste and much functional constituents, although the factor loadings by principal component analysis were small. Besides, local cultivars had more volatile compounds than F1 cultivars. In conclusion, some local cultivars of carrot have stronger taste and more functional constituents than current F1 cultivars. 'Kokubun-Senko-Onaga' and 'Sapporo-Futo' were considered to be the most suitable material for "Yakuzen" dishes within the range of cultivars, because it showed strong flavor and taste with higher amount of functional constituents.

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