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Concentration-dependent roles of DMT1 and ZIP14 in cadmium absorption in Caco-2 cells
Hitomi FujishiroSatoko HamaoRina TanakaTaiho KambeSeiichiro Himeno
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2017 Volume 42 Issue 5 Pages 559-567


Intestinal absorption of cadmium (Cd) is considered to be mediated mainly by the ferrous iron transporter DMT1, or the calcium transporter CaT1. The roles of zinc transporters such as ZIP8 and ZIP14 remain unclear, and the roles of these four transporters in the intestinal uptake of Cd under physiological conditions have not been compared. Here, we used a trans-well cell culture system to investigate the effects of the down-regulation of these four transporters on the uptake of Cd from the apical side of enterocytes. We used a Caco-2-kh cell line that can form tight junctions within a few days. The transfection of DMT1 siRNA significantly decreased the Cd uptake from the apical side at 5 μM, but not at 0.1 or 1 μM. The transfection of ZIP14 siRNA markedly decreased the Cd uptake at 0.1 and 1 μM, but not at 5 μM. The transfection of siRNA of CaT1 or ZIP8 did not alter the Cd uptake at any concentrations of Cd examined. These results suggest that DMT1 and ZIP14 play different roles in intestinal Cd absorption depending on the concentration of Cd.

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