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Changes in Blood Cell Picture and Myelogram with Growth in Normal Cats
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1984 Volume 37 Issue 5 Pages 283-288


A total of 88 normal cats were divided into 5 groups, (1) newborn kittens (0-1 week old), (2) sucklings (2-6 weeks old), (3) weanling (7-12 weeks old), (4) young adults (4-10 months old), and (5) adults (over 11 months old).
Erythrocyte and leukocyte counts were raised with the advance in age. In the differential leukocyte count, lymphocytes were more than neutrophils in groups 1 and 2. Then neutrophils were main components of the leukocytes. As a result, the N/L ratio reversed in group 3. The highest count of eosinophils was observed in group 2 and that of basophils in group 1. Both cells decreased the advance in age.
In the myelogram, total nucleated cells showed a tendency to increase with the advance in age. Their highest count was seen in group 4. The erythrocytic series showed highest counts in group 1 to decrease with the advance in age. The myelocytic series fluctuated contrarily. Consequently, crossing of M/E ratio was observed in group 2. The lymphocyte count was relatively high in groups with 1 to 3.

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