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Volume and Nature of Pus in Canine Uterus with Pyometra Experimentally Produced by Injection of Escherichia coli into the Uterus with Cervix Ligated
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1987 Volume 40 Issue 7 Pages 494-497


The volume and nature of pus were examined in the uterine cavity of 33 bitches in which poymetra had been produced experimentally by injection of Escherichia coli into the uterus with the cervix ligated. The following results were obtained.
The volume of pus varied from nearly none to 560 ml, or 56.89±107.31ml (mean±SD). It was more than 10 ml in 75.8% of the bitches. In the diestrous group it was 81.45±167.14 ml.
There was a tendency that the volume of pus increased with the lapse of time.
The pus was classified into three color groups, yellowish green, reddish brown and milky white. The yellowish green group was the largest and mainly seen from proestrus to diestrus. The reddish brown group was seen mostly in postpartum cases. The viscosity of pus varried from thick-souplike to pasty one. The thick-soup-like pus was found in 57.6% of the bitches. The trickling-threadlike pus was frequently seen in the diestrous cases.

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