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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 71 (2009) No. 5 May P 685-688




Postmortem examination of a meerkat which had been captive for eight years in zoo, revealed multinodular white masses filling the thoracic cavity with systemic metastasis. Microscopically, the neoplastic cells were polygonal to spindle-shaped and had eosinophilic cytoplasm often with variable numbers of small lipid droplets. Immunohistochemically, the neoplastic cells were intensely positive for vimentin and occasionally weakly positive for S-100. Ultrastructurally, several lipid droplets without limiting membranes were observed in the cytoplasm. Based on the findings above, the tumor was diagnosed as a pleomorphic liposarcoma arising from the thoracic cavity. To date, neoplasms have seldom been reported in Herpestidae animals. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first reported case of liposarcoma in a meerkat.

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