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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 71 (2009) No. 6 June P 811-815




The effects of the time period between canine epididymis removal and cooling on post-thaw caudal epididymal sperm quality were investigated. Sperm recovered from the epididymis stored for 6 hr at 4 or 20°C exhibited similar motility. However, when the epididymis was stored for 12 hr or longer at 20°C, sperm motility was significantly lower than that at 4°C (p<0.01). The post-thawed qualities of sperm recovered from the caudal epididymides that had been stored at 20°C for 0 or 6 hr and then at 4°C for 24 hr after removal were not significantly different. Therefore, leaving the canine epididymis at 20°C for up to 6 hr after its removal may have little effect on the post-thaw quality of recovered caudal epididymal sperm.

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