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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 74 (2012) No. 4 April P 473-476



Internal Medicine

Dose responses of plasma calcitriol, calcium (Ca), bone metabolic markers and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) were evaluated in four nonpregnant Holstein cows treated subcutaneously with an aqueous formulation of calcitriol at four doses in a 4 × 4 Latin-square design. Calcitriol, Ca, and markers of bone metabolism were analyzed in plasma samples. GFR was measured in predose and day 5 samples. Plasma calcitriol and Ca concentrations increased dose-dependently. The calcitriol dose was positively correlated with the area under the concentration-time curve of plasma calcitriol. Bone formation markers tended to increase from day 3 onward for all doses. No significant changes in GFR were noted. Thus, exogenous calcitriol administered between 0.0625 and 0.5 μg/kg body weight elicited dose-dependent increases in both plasma calcitriol and Ca and elevated bone formation markers without affecting renal function in nonpregnant cows.

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