Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Online ISSN : 1347-7439
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Genetic Characterization of a Potentially Novel Goose Parvovirus Circulating in Muscovy Duck Flocks in Fujian Province, China
Shao WANGXiao-Xia CHENGShao-Ying CHENXiao-Li ZHUShi-Long CHENFeng-Qiang LINZhao-Long LI
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2013 Volume 75 Issue 8 Pages 1127-1130


We report a novel goose parvovirus (MDGPV/PT) isolated from an affected Muscovy duck in Fujian Province, China. In this study, the NS1 sequence analyses indicated a close genetic relationship between MDGPV/PT and Muscovy duck parvovirus (MDPV) strains, although MDGPV/DY, which was isolated from a Muscovy duck in 2006 in Sichuan Province, could be divided into GPV-related groups. Phylogenetic analysis showed that except for differences in the NS1 gene, MDGPV strains PT and DY are closely related to a parvovirus that infects domestic waterfowls. This is the first demonstration of recombination between goose and Muscovy duck parvoviruses in nature, and MDGPV/PT might have led to the generation of a novel waterfowl parvovirus strain circulating in Muscovy duck flocks in China.

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