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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 78 (2016) No. 3 March p. 467-471




A 15-year-old, female mixed-breed dog presented with abdominal distention. An exploratory laparotomy revealed a large left ovarian mass (20 × 15 × 12 cm). Histopathological examination of the mass revealed a mixed myxoid liposarcoma and a well-differentiated leiomyoma. Four months after surgical removal of the mass, the dog died due to multiorgan metastasis. The metastasis was composed solely of the liposarcoma component. The liposarcoma component was Alcian Blue- and Oil red O-positive, and demonstrated immunoreactivity with S-100, adipophilin and vimentin. Electron microscopy revealed that the tumor cell cytoplasms were packed with lipid vacuoles and dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum. To our knowledge, this is the first report of myxoid liposarcoma and leiomyoma co-existing in a canine ovary.

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