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Evaluation of phenotypic, functional and molecular characteristics of porcine mesenchymal stromal/stem cells depending on donor age, gender and tissue source
Sun-A OCKYeon-Mi LEEJi-Sung PARKSharath Belame SHIVAKUMARSeon-Woung MOONNak-Ju SUNGWon-Jae LEESi-Jung JANGJu-Mi PARKSeung-Chan LEESung-Lim LEEGyu-Jin RHO
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2016 Volume 78 Issue 6 Pages 987-995


The biological properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are influenced by donor age, gender and/or tissue sources. The present study investigated the cellular and molecular properties of porcine mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (MSCs) isolated from different tissues (adipose & dermal skin) and sex at different ages (1 week & 8 months after birth) with similar genetic and environmental backgrounds. MSCs were analyzed for alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity, CD90 and Oct3/4 expression, in vitro differentiation ability, senescence-associated β-galactosidase (SA-β-Gal) activity, telomeric properties, cell cycle status and expression of senescence (IL6, c-myc, TGFβ, p53 and p21)- and apoptosis (Bak and Bcl2)-related proteins. An age-dependent decline in AP activity and adipogenesis was observed in all MSCs, except for male A-MSCs. CD90 expression did not change, but SA-Gal activity increased with advancement in age, except in A-MSCs. Telomeric properties were similar in all MSCs, whereas expression levels of Oct3/4 protein declined with the advancement in age. p21 expression was increased with increase in donor age. Male derived cells have shown higher IL6 expression. The expression of p53 was slightly lower in MSCs of dermal tissue than in adipose tissue. Bak was expressed in all MSCs regardless of age, but up regulation of Bcl2 was observed in DS-MSCs derived at 1 week after birth. In conclusion, adipose tissue-derived MSCs from young female individuals were found to be more resistant to senescence under in vitro culture conditions.

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