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Vol. 70 (2014) No. 2 p. I_26-I_30




Surface tension plays a key role in splash generation. However, accurate modeling of surface tension is challenging due to the numerical difficulties in calculating the interface curvature. This paper presents a new surface tension model for macroscopic particle methods on the basis of Continuum Surface Force (CSF) concept. The new model is characterized by a novel formulation for curvature estimation using directsecond order derivatives of color function via a meticuluos and comprehensive discretization. The newmodel is referred to as Laplacian-based surface tension model which applies a high-order Laplacian schemeincluding the approximation of boundary integrals. A set of benchmark tests are considered for simple andcomprehensible verifications and then the model is applied to a water drop impact test to investigate itsappropriateness in calculation of splash generation. Comparisons are also made with two commonly appliedsurface tension models in the context of particle methods, namely, divergence-gradient based model and the arc fitting one.

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