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Vol. 50 (2009) No. 10 P 588-589




The tumor recurrence rate of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is still high even in patients who receive a curative therapy. We analyzed predictive value of HBV-related viral markers, including HBcrAg, HBV DNA, and HBeAg, for HCC recurrence in the patients who developed HCC during antiviral nucleot(s)ide analogues therapy. By univariate analysis, HBV DNA, HBcrAg, tumor number and presence of portal vein invasion were significant predictive factors. By multivariate analysis, HBcrAg and presence of portal vein invasion were independent and significant predictive factors of recurrence after curative therapy for HCC. We conclude that HBcrAg is useful as a predictor of post-treatment recurrence of HCC after curative therapy in patients who received antiviral therapy.

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