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Feasibility Study of a Silent Discharge Type of DPF without Precious Metal under Room Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Condition
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2010 Volume 76 Issue 772 Pages 2286-2288


This Silent Discharge type of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) has been studied for eliminating PM (Participate Mater) we call it "SDeDPF". Usually, exhaust gas temperature of diesel engines is under 200 or 250℃ at normal city driving condition. Under that condition, generally PM is not bourn out in the normal ceramic DPF. This SDeDPF aims to remove PM electrically and chemically even at room temperature and atmospheric pressure continuously. Finally, in the basic lab test result, 95.6% reduction of PM has been verified by SDeDPF with a special MFS (Metal Fiber Sheet) for discharge electrode to reduce a back pressure, a special Turbulent Block for turbulent and slower velocity of exhaust gas, the 1mm gap between electrodes and an optimum total area of piled electrodes. Also, 98.1% reduction of PM could be designed by most suitable gap between electrodes.

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