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日本機械学会論文集 C編
Vol. 65 (1999) No. 632 P 1690-1697



The authors have contrived a new type of magnetic abrasives (simply mixed oil bonded magnetic abrasives) which consist of ferromagnetic substances, grains and oils, and study magnetic polishing not using formerly existing magnetic abrasives. This paper describes the characteristics of the simply mixed oil bonded magnetic abrasives in cylindrical polishing (workpiece: SK3). In previous magnetic abrasives, ferromagnetic substances and grains were combined by a metallurgy method, however simply mixed oil bonded ones are combined by oils melted at polishing temperature. The oils control the polishing pressure by transferring magnetic forces acting on ferromagnetic substances. Experiments show that a mirror surface (0.08μmRy) is formed by using the simply mixed oil bonded magnetic abrasives (78Ni, Cr 20 3, Oil). In particular, the surface roughness is improved from 5∼8μmRy to 0.08μmRy in one polishing process. This phenomenon occurs because the polishing mechanism has changed from cutting to rubbing.

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