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日本機械学会論文集 C編
Vol. 73 (2007) No. 726 P 461-469



There are two main methods to suppress vibration of flexible structures. One is active vibration control and the other is passive vibration suppression. The former is effective but has stability problems. The latter avoids such instability, however, most of them can suppress only one vibrational mode although flexible structures have some vibrational modes even in low frequency domain and its controlling force is small. It is true that there are some passive methods to suppress some vibrational modes using multiple degrees of freedom circuit, however, they have problems in the performance and it is complicated to design the circuit. Hence, this paper proposes a new method which solves those problems using an analogue circuit. Because this method is based on the hybrid. method which we reported previously, the performance of each vibrational mode can be tuned. The optimum values of each element of the circuit are determined by a simple formulation derived by the two fixed points method. Its performance and effectiveness are verified by the experiment.

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