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日本機械学会論文集 C編
Vol. 74 (2008) No. 747 P 2755-2762



In our previous paper, we proposed a method for reducing adhesion forces by oscillation. If the oscillated endeffector gets close to the object on the substrate, contacts with it, and lower mode frequencies are excited, then the adhesion force between the endeffector and the object decreases. However, the following problems have not still been resolved : (1) Since adhesion state was checked by analyzing the data obtained by laser displacement meter, this method is available in only limited situations. Then, it is hard to apply the checking method to the automatic manipulation. (2) Automatic checking system for adhesion state was not developed. (3) Automatic micro manipulation system was not developed. Considering the above, in this paper, we propose a method to automatically check adhesion state by vision. Firstly, we develop a method to estimate the amplitude of the oscillation using the blur in the image resulted from the oscillation. We call the corresponding value to the amplitude AIV (amplitude indicating value).Then, we develop a method for checking adhesion state by AIV. Based on the checking method, we develop an automatic micro manipulation system for pick and place operation. The validity of our method is shown by experiments.

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