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日本機械学会論文集 C編
Vol. 75 (2009) No. 752 p. 964-969



Our previous paper presented a method for relaxing adhesion forces by oscillation and showed the adhesion state can be checked by analyzing the data obtained by laser displacement meter. However, there are several problems in laser measuring method. 1) The endeffector must be located at the specific point where laser displacement meter can measure oscillation. 2) The adhesion state can not be checked if something blocks the light/laser or the target leaves measuring point. 3) The total system becomes very large. To resolve these problems, this paper firstly presents a method for checking the adhesion state by piezo-transducer. Next, to achieve more precision manipulation, we propose a method to deform the endeffector by adding DC input to the piezo actuator which is also oscillated simulaneously for endeffector for relaxing adhesion forces. Furthermore, we find that the first mode resonance frequency shifts with the increase of the amount of pushing the object by the endeffector. Using the amount of shift, we develop a method for checking the adhesion state.

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