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Translated Research Paper
Motion of Grinding Media in Axial Direction and its Effect on Comminution in an Agitation Bead Mill [Translated]
Yoko HashiMamoru Senna
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1996 Volume 14 Pages 176-181


Grinding tests were carried out using a model agitation bead mill with a single disc. Four different types of disc were used to examine the effect of the motion of the grinding media in the axial direction. The median diameter of the ground product decreased with increasing axial movement of the grinding media under the same degree of fitting of the grinding media and rate of rotation. Contamination in the product from the agitating element and grinding vessel increased with increasing energy input, irrespective of the shape of the agitating disc. Contamination from the grinding media increased with an increase in the axial movement of the grinding media which promoted mutual collision and hence abrasion of the grinding media. KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHUVol. 21 (1995) No. 3 P 502-507

This report was originally printed in KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU 21(3), 502-507 (1995) in Japanese, before being translated into English by KONA Editorial Committee with the permission of the editorial committee of the Soc. Chemical Engineers, Japan.

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