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Structural Analysis of Soft Matters Using Three Dimensional Virtual Imaging Experiments
Hiroshi MORITAHiroshi JINNAIToshio NISHIMasao DOI
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2005 Volume 62 Issue 10 Pages 502-507


We developed a method for virtual imaging experiments on the real three-dimensional structures obtained by 3D experiments. We add the imaging interface to the software “Gourmet, ”which is the platform of the OCTA system. Using this interface, we can convert the real structure to the initial structure for several simulators on OCTA. We can convert the structure from the data obtained by 3D confocal microscopy, 3D transmission electon microscopy, and X-ray computer tomography images. As one example of this study, we applied this method to the deformation problem of blend structure using the simulator “MUFFIN” in OCTA system. We can perform the simulation for the operation of the shear, uniaxial compresion, and uniaxial elongation, and we can obtain the clear images of the deformed structures on the real structures.

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