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A Study on the Principles of the Systems Projects of Long-term Study and Self-Improvement in Forming the Law for the Special Regulations Concerning Education Public Service, and on the View Points of Reforming the Present Systems, Based on Those Principles
Fumio KUBO
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2004 Volume 71 Issue 4 Pages 448-459


Recently the systems of teachers' Long-term Study and Self-Improvement (LSSI) have been diversified. It is a desirable reform for teachers to increase the opportunities for LSSI. But the results of developing the systems without principles have thrown them into confusion. The purpose of this study is to identify original conceptions and principles of LSSI in the process of forming the provisions for study and self-improvement of the Law. I will examine the points at which our gaze is directed to discuss present systems of LSSI. The law which has been the grounded law for teachers' study and self-Improvement was enacted and enforced in January of 1949. It was noteworthy the systems for LSSI had been planned during the process of forming the Law. I investigated the three principles in the original conception. (1) The first one was the principle of freedom for LSSI. The demand and approval on person were prerequisites for LSSI in the original conception. As a rule they were recognized to receive the opportunities for study and self-improvement according to their study planning on subject and institutions. (2) The second one was the principle of recognition LSSI as teachers' service. I think that LSSI with the certain length of their service was recognized as teachers' service not leave of absence, but salaries would be partially provided taking the difference between usual service and LSSI. (3) The third one was the principle of the equal opportunities for LSSI. The original systems for LSSI intended to entitle not only excellent teachers but all teachers according to the extent of their service, such as seven years or five years. There are no existing systems of teachers' LSSI on the general ground. The systems of LSSI have not satisfactorily developed from enactment of the Law. In my opinion, the system with certain length of their service would be the most reasonable and realistic to realize these three principles. I would like to show the outline of the medium or long-term plan of reforming the present systems of LSSI as follows. (1) The certain length of their service should be seven years to ten years, aiming at ten years for the present. (2) The demand and approval in person should be prerequisites for LSSI. (3) The term of LSSI should be two or three years. (4) They should present the detailed planand report of LSSI. They should consult with the supporting committees of LSSI (a tentative name) mainly consisting of professors. (5) Salaries should be basically provided in full, even though partial payment could be made under certain circumstances, etc. It is most important, I think, that teachers should research on the systems of LSSI and petition them in order to reform them.

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