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Inheritance of Traditional Festival Culture by Elementary and Middle School Students in Okunoto-Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture
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Traditional festivals in rural regions were the pride of the region and the nucleus of the community, and played a major role in the continuation of regional society. However, declining fertility rates have meant that retaining supporters and passing on the traditions have become increasingly difficult. The purpose of this study is to understand the realities of how traditional arts in local traditional festivals are passed on to elementary and middle school students, and to clarify the issues required, using Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan as its subject. We interviewed the principals of nine elementary schools and four middle schools in order to understand the situation of activities concerning traditional arts such as drums and flutes at each school. Next, we conducted a questionnaire for all elementary and middle school students, collected 976 responses (97% return rate) and used cross tabulation to analyze the relationship between passing on traditional arts and personal attributes. As a result, it was made clear there were differences in the inheritance process depending on region and family/sibling structure.

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