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Production of Undercooled Melt by Heating the Metastable Al2O3-YAP Eutectic Structure
Hideyuki YasudaYoshiki MizutaniItsuo OhnakaAkira SugiyamaYoshiharu Waku
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2001 Volume 42 Issue 10 Pages 2124-2130


This paper demonstrates the undercooled melt formation from the metastable eutectic structure by heating procedures in the Al2O3-YAG system. Phase transformation during heating/cooling procedures is detected by optical DTA equipment. Firstly, the Al2O3-YAP metastable eutectic structure is obtained by solidification after heating the melt above 2273 K . The undercooled melt formation is confirmed when the Al2O3-YAP metastable eutectic structure composed of crystalline phases is heated up to temperatures above the metastable eutectic temperature for the equilibrium eutectic composition (18.5 mol%Y2O3) and the metastable eutectic composition (23.5 mol%Y2O3). The undercooled melt formation is immediately followed by the solidification in the Al2O3-YAG equilibrium path for the 18.5 mol%Y2O3 specimens. For the 23.5 mol%Y2O3 specimens, the obtained undercooled melt is kept even for as long as 3600 s without solidification. Furthermore, the fine and uniform Al2O3-YAG eutectic structure is obtained when the melting and the solidification simultaneously occur. The solidification with the exothermic heat beside the melting with the endothermic heat has a great advantage for heat release of the latent heat. Consequently, the high growth rate leads to the fine eutectic structure in the off-eutectic composition.

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