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Thermophysical Properties of Bulk Metallic Glass Forming Alloys in the Stable and Undercooled Liquid — A Microgravity Investigation
Rainer K. WunderlichHans-Jörg Fecht
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2001 Volume 42 Issue 4 Pages 565-578


The results of an investigation of the thermophysical properties in the stable and undercooled liquid state of the glass forming metallic alloys Zr64Ni36, Zr65Al7.5Cu17.5Ni10 and Zr60Al10Cu18Ni9Co3 is described. In order to make accessible a large range of liquid undercooling and to provide for extended experimentation in the liquid phase the experiments have been performed under the condition of reduced gravity with an electromagnetic levitation device onboard spacelab. Aspects of the experimental method as well as results regarding the thermophysical properties investigated shall be described. Properties investigated included the specific heat and enthalpy of fusion allowing evaluation of the thermodynamic functions, and as such a comparison of the thermodynamic contribution to glass forming ability among different metallic glass forming alloys. Furthermore, transport properties such as the effective thermal conductivity and total hemispherical emissivity as well as the electrical resitivity have been investigated. The temperature dependence of the specific heat capacity and that of the electrical resistivity indicate a temperature dependent chemical short range order.

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