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Effect of Cu in Pb Free Solder Ball on the Microstructure of BGA Joints with Au/Ni Coated Cu Pads
Keisuke UenishiToshio SaekiYasuhiro KoharaKojiro F. KobayashiIkuo ShojiMasataka NishiuraMasaharu Yamamoto
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2001 Volume 42 Issue 5 Pages 756-760


Effect of Cu in the eutectic Sn–37 mass%Pb or Sn–3.5 mass%Ag solder ball has been investigated on the microstructure and the shear strength of BGA joints with Ni/Au electroplated Cu pad after reflow and the subsequent heat exposure at 423 K . For joints using both Cu free Sn–Pb and Sn–Ag solder balls, a metastable (Au, Ni)Sn3 reaction layer was formed on the interface between the solder and the pad after reflow soldering and the subsequent heat storage at 423 K, while stable η-(Au, Cu, Ni)6Sn5 reaction layer was formed for the joints using Cu containing solder balls. The growth rate during heat exposure was much slower for η reaction layer than that for (Au, Ni)Sn3 reaction layer. All the joints after a heat exposure fractured on the lower shear load than as reflowed joints, but the shear strength of the joint using Cu containing ball was less degraded than that using Cu free solder balls, because η reaction layer grows slower and plays a roll as a good barrier layer to suppress the Ni–Sn interaction. Almost the same effect was confirmed for the BGA joints using Cu cored solder balls, since Cu dissolves into the solder during reflow soldering.

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