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Effects of Snout and Support Roll on Transport Phenomena in a Hot Dip Plating Bath
Jun KurobeManabu Iguchi
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2003 Volume 44 Issue 7 Pages 1429-1437


The fluid flow phenomena of plating melt, the motions of dross, and the dispersion of melting ingots in a continuous hot dip plating bath were investigated using a transparent cold model vessel with a reduced scale of one-tenth. This model was equipped with a snout and two support rolls. Water was used as a model for the plating melt. The flow pattern in the bath was basically the same as that in the bath without the snout and the support rolls, but re-circulating flows cased by the existence of the snout were observed in the entry region and in the region enclosed with the belt. Water supplied in the snout through the passage above the sink roll was carried by the belt and exhausted into the entry region. Most top dross and bottom dross were carried by the main flow in the entire bath. A part of the top dross floated on the bath surface and a part of the bottom dross accumulated on the bottom of the bath. The dispersion of tracer, being a model for melted ingots, was mainly controlled by the main flow. The mixing time became shorter in the presence of the snout and support rolls than in the absence of them.

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